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Genetic Research and Community Identity
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The Center for the Study of Society and Medicine is an interdisciplinary research organization that examines the complex interactions between medical practice and the social environment. CSSM analyzes current and past clinical medicine and biomedical research through historical, sociological, literary, and legal methods. The mission of the Center is to use an understanding of medicine to inform public policy, broaden the training of health care professionals, and improve patient care.

The Center is dedicated to providing timely and useful information to a wide range of interested groups. To that end, this website contains information on the research, programs, and activities of CSSM as well as resources for consumers, advocates, academics and others interested in the health care field and its relationship social medicine.

The Center's particular focus in 2006-2007 is on the social and ethical issues in genetic research and in organ transplantation.

CSSM is affiliated with the Institute on Medicine as a Profession (IMAP) and the Center on Medicine as a Profession (CMAP)

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Published in Summer/Fall 2006:
Ashkenazi Jews and Breast Cancer: The Consequences of Linking Ethnic Identity to Genetic Disease
American Journal of Public Health, 96(11); 1979-1987
Published: Nov. 2006
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The Hidden Cost of Organ Sale
American Journal of Transplantation, 6(7); 1524-1529

Trust is Not EnoughTrust Is Not Enough: Bringing Human Rights to Medicine           
New York Review of Books

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