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Paper Published:
Ashkenazi Jews and Breast Cancer: The Consequences of Linking Ethnic Identity to Genetic Disease
American Journal of Public Health, 96(11); 1979-1987
Published: Nov. 2006
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  • Genetic Research: Race, Ethnicity and Disease:

    “A Paradox of Genetic Research: Race, Ethnicity & Disease,” was funded by NHGRI R01 (HG002517-01A1) 2003-2006. It aims to understand how and why investigators link genetic diseases to named populations and how community organizations respond to genetic research and disease linkages.

  • Investigating the Interactions Between Group Identity and Genetic Research:

    CSSM is currently developing a second initiative that seeks to analyze the complex interactions between genetic research and group identity. Its overarching objective is to help promote mutually beneficial, effective, and sustainable collaborations between genetic researchers and several communities. The specific goals of this project are (1) to explore the processes and mechanisms through which new genetic knowledge interacts with existing group identity, and (2) to make accessible the results of this exploration to communities and genetic researchers. The project seeks to promote a productive dialogue between genetic researchers and organizations by exploring 1) the ways in which genetic information relates to group identity; 2) how community organizations inform members about this new knowledge; 3) how communities respond to the knowledge and to new genetic services.

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